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Indigenous Education


School District 47 supports the qathet Regional District, which is the traditional and treaty territory of the Tla'amin Nation. There are 467 Indigenous students who make up ~12% of the total student population. An Indigenous student is someone who self-identifies as having First Nation (status or non-status), Metis, or Inuit ancestry.


The overarching goal of the Indigenous Education department is to support the holistic success of Indigenous students through enriched experiences and opportunities.IE%20Graph.png

Role of Indigenous Education

  • Educating the hearts and minds of students, staff, and community. 
  • Working to build foundational understandings of place history and impacts of colonial history on Indigenous people. 
  • Valuing and validating Indigenous knowledge, worldviews, and perspectives. 
  • Advocating for Indigenous students 
  • Supporting life-long learning and holistic well-being for Indigenous students. 
  • Support classroom teachers in decolonizing practices and equity for Indigenous learners. 
  • Indigenizing educational environments and opportunities.
čɛpθ (Auntie/Uncle)
čɛpθ (Auntie/Uncle)
Indigenous Success Teacher
Indigenous Success Teacher
Elder In-Residence
Elder In-Residence
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